Adobe PS CC Tutorial Know about layers

Apply Effects To A Layer, Adding Effects To Text & Shape Layer

How insert or convert any image part into layer

To pick up any part from any image, we suggest you to use magic wand from tool panel, it is quite powerful tool, Magic Wand tool is found fourth tool from the top in the Tools panels and is stacked with the Quick Selection tool. To get into a stacked tool, click and hold for a while on particular tool to see Magic Wand tool there.

1. Open the image in which you want to place the part.
2. Open the image from which you want to take the part.
3. Take Magic Wand tool and then bring Magic Wand tool to that part click on over that, if Magic Wand doesn't take all those pixels, then you need to increase tolerance and click back, if you still want some more little portions to take, then use + and - Quick Selection tool.
4. Drag down the second image tab on over first image.
5 Now take move tool from tool panel and drag that part by move tool towards the bottom image.

This will enter your that part and auto convert into the layer, you can rename that layer by double click on over that in layer panel. A video below about this topic, watch how exactly do this .

Tolerance determines which part of the image is selected when you click on a certain part of the image. the default tolerance is 32, it can be increased or decreased according to your requirement.

Apply effects to a layer

Adobe Photoshop CC gives Photoshop gives many different effects, like shadows, glows, bevels and emboss changing the presence of the substance of a layer of a non-ruinous way. Layer impacts are identified with the substance of the layer. When you move or alter the substance of the layer, the same impacts apply to the adjusted substance.

1. Right-click the layer you want to apply effects inside of layer panel, a dialog box will appear and you will notice first and top one option is "blending options" click on that option, an effects box will appear, in that box you can change opacity(transparency) with lots of blend modes like darken, colour burn, colour Dodge. See inside in the image below

adobe photoshop CC opacity apply

Bevel and Emboss Effects

The bevel and emboss effect adds a touch of light and shadow edge at one hundred eighty degrees to each other. By adjusting the estimations of height or angle of light, the two move in sync, and this can be used to create an deception of profundity.

To open Bevel and Emboss Effects box, simply double-click on over layer thumbnail in layer panel and effects box will appear. Here is some Bevel and emboss effects.

adobe photoshop a few examples of bevel and emboss


Text layer

Adding a text to a layer is very simple task, suppose if you want to add text layer into your projet, you just need click on text tool and drag into your project to create the text box and then type the text.

Adding Effects To Text

As you know, Adobe Providing lots of ready-made styles in styles panel from where you can set a style to you text and the other option is, set your own style.

adobe photoshop 2015 ready made styles

1. Right click on over text layer.
2. click on blending options, a style box will appear and from those options you can set your own style, here is an example.

adobe photoshop 2015 an example of text style

Shape Layeradobe photoshop CC 2015 shaple tool

When one of the shape tools is selected, the default setting in the bar associated options is to create what is known as a shape layer. In the same way that Text, Shapes Tool layers are created automatically when you start to draw with one of the tools.

adobe photoshop CC 2015 shape layer

Shape layers comprise of a strong shading layer with a vector mask, a vector mask resemble a stencil, permitting the shading to be seen where the shape has been drawn. The shade of a shape can be changed at once by fill choice in option bar.

In Photoshop cc 2015 adobe provides us plenty choices of mixed colors, pattern, gradients, solid colors, we can use those choices to make a shape very attractive. An example below:

adobe photoshop CC 2015 fill choices

Custom Shape

If you want more shapes,  Custom Shape tool will be your alternative, when you select custom shape tool option, you will see shape picker box right side of option bar, click on drop-down arrow there and you will see get more shapes.

adobe photoshop CC 2015 more shapes

You can make your own style of a shape by blending options and we don't need to explain here about blending options because we already mentionted that.

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