Learn About Tabs Of PowerPoint 2013 Insert, Design, Transitions

The Ribbon

Ribbon is the Bar of buttons across the top of main window. The Ribbon sits over the entire screen which is divided in tabs and each tab throughout arranged in logical groups, everything you see in Blue circle in this image is called Ribbon and in Orange circle is called TAB and in Red is called Groups.


Every tab are arranged in logical groups, which have their own icons. When there is not ample space to produce all options in a group, a small dialogue box launcher is placed.

The Home Ribbon-Tab

powerpoint 2013 home ribbon

This is the first Ribbon-Tab with other word you can say it Tab. You see and where you might go to give a slide, change the layout or data format text.

The Insert Ribbon-Tab

powerpoint 2013 insert ribbon

Here you'll insert to many things in your Presentation such as tables, charts, shapes, links, smartArt, Pictures, WordArt, Audio Clip, video Clip, in fact anything that you want to add to the presentation.

The Design Ribbon-Tab

powerpoint 2013 design ribbon

In This Ribbon-tab, you can add plus change a theme or color scheme, or format the slide background.

The Transitions R-Tab


For this tab you could Control how your current slides arrive for the screen, what the type is and how much time it takes.

The Animations Tab

powerpoint 2013 ribbon

Make use of the Animations tab to choreograph the particular movement of things with your slides.

The Slide Show Tab

powerpoint 2013 slide ribbon

In this Ribbon tab, you can set up the way that you want to show your presentation to others

The Review Tab

powerpoint 2013 review ribbon

On this tab you can check spell the of your text in, translating language and adding comments and track changes.

The View Ribbon tab

powerpoint 2013 view ribbon image

As Shown above, You can find PowerPoint views on the View tab. You will see your PowerPoint slides in a number of ways depending on the task at hands. There are views that are best for producing your presentation and the ones for delivering the presentation.


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