7 Ways To Measure Online Training Effectiveness

When investing in online training course for employees, it is essential to measure how effective this is in imparting knowledge and developing the skills of your staff. After all, e-learning courses are developed so that your employees become better at what they do, for their own personal career growth and also so that they can become more productive and efficient at their jobs. In this article, we share seven ways you can measure how effective your online course is.

Learning Analytics

Most learning management system or LMS have built-in analytics that provide an overall picture of how the participants are progressing. You will be able to see how quickly they are able to finish the modules and how often they log into their online training course. You can use this data to gauge the effectiveness of your training modules and make changes to it to meet the needs of your employees.

Application of Newly Acquired Knowledge to the Job

Observe and compare your employees’ performance before and after taking the online course. Do you notice any improvement in how they carry out their tasks? Are they able to apply the new skills they learned? Did the training change the way they perceive themselves as part of the organization?

Evaluate Through Simulations and Tests

Another way to measure the success of your online course is through scenario-based tests. In a controlled environment, instruct them to perform specific tasks and observe the outcome of the scenario. The percentage of participants who pass the test will help you determine if you need to revise your or add training content to the online course.

Performance Goals

Review performance assessment scores of employees who have taken the online training program before and after finishing the e-learning course. The ideal scenario is to see higher scores after the online course was taken. An effective online training program should produce better performing employees immediately after completing their course.

Assessment Results

One great thing about online learning is that at the end of each module, you can easily check real time how much was learned by every employee through the assessment results. A high percentage of passers is a positive determinant of an effective online course. One other advantage of being able to check the assessment scores from the online modules is, you are able to identify which parts of the e-learning course the participants are having difficulty with and adjust the content.

Employee Feedback

Feedback from employees who have taken the online training course would provide credible insight as to how effective the e-learning training platform is. It will also be helpful to ask them which part of the course they like best and which part they found to be most difficult or least engaging.

Calculate the ROI

Like any other investment, you will need to calculate the return on investment or ROI of your online training course. To calculate for this, estimate the costs involved, such as the amount you spent on design and development. Then factor in the benefits associated with your online training course, such as increase in productivity or sales, decrease in customer complaints, and shorter turnaround time.

While online training courses may actually cost less than traditional training sessions, this does not mean that they would be less effective. In fact, online training programs are said to be even more effective and appreciated by employees. Try applying these methods to see just how effective your online training course is!

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