Learn About Toolbar With keyboard shortcuts Of PowerPoint 2013

The Quick Access Toolbar

Situated Top of PowerPoint above the Ribbon. Automatically, it provides Save undo, Redo, and the presentation starts commands, here you can find some shortcuts and you’ll add your individual.

Adding More Icons In Quick Access Toolbar

After opening of PowerPoint, move your cursor on drop down menu of the Quick Access Toolbar and choose that option by clicking that you want to Put there.

quick access toolbar of powerpoint
Customizing the ribbon

Develop a new ribbon as a whole or simply put or remove favorite icons from your existing ones. Also you can hide the ribbons that you just don’t need by switching them off.

Add icons to the ribbon
custom tool bar

1. left Click on File Tab
2. left Click on Options
3. Click on Customize Ribbon

Next develop a Custom Group on ribbon you want to modify and then add the icons from the list on the left side to the New Group on the right side.

1. Click on New Group
2. Click on Rename
3. Type the name for the group

rename of powerpoint
Add icons

1. Click on the group you want to add to
2. Click on the Icon you want to add
3. Click the Add Button

Repeat steps 1–3 for all those icons you want to add in PowerPoint Screen.
4. Final step Click OK button to done

add icon  in PowerPoint
Using of Alt Key plus keyboard shortcuts

Do Some of the functions quickly without using the mouse, by pressing the keys on your keyboard.
1. Hit once ALT key on your keyboard, you will see little little black boxes as shown in this image below.
2. Press that letter you want to use. For instance, if the design tab is active and you pressed S, the slide tab is displayed, along with the black letter boxes for the groups in that tab.
3. Keep pressing letters were Until you Press the specific letter of the command you intend to use.

alt keys in ms PowerPoint