Adding Contents Into your PowerPoint Presentation 2013

Add text

Adding text a very simple thing to do, whether you are in word or PowerPoint. Just Move your cursor into placeholder click there and type, heading text will be formatted in a bigger font than the bullet.

insert table in power point
Add a table

1. Click on Table Icon in insert Ribbon-Tab
2. Select the number of columns and rows
3. Click On OK Button

Now you can fill inside the table. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to move between cells and When you get to the end of the tab again to get a new line.

insert chart in pp

Add a chart

1. Click On Chart Icon In Insert Tab
2. Choose type of chart you want to add
3. And then click on OK button

insert chart in pp 2

At this point you have a tiny spreadsheet ready so that you can populate with your own personal data. change headings and data and the chart will replace.

Add SmartArt

SmartArt is a marvelous thing, it helps to make your presentation wonderful. You will find SmartArt diagrams of most kinds. To add SmartArt Follow steps:

1. Click on the Insert SmartArt icon In Insert Ribbon-Tab
2. Select the type of SmartArt to add

smart art of powerpoint

3. Type text into the SmartArt

after inserted smart art of PowerPoint

You can also give to many varieties for a smart art like Bevel, glow, reflection, that will make your smartart more fantastic and attractive.

Adding pictures

To add pictures into your slide following should be taken:

insert images option in powerpoint

1. Click on the pictures icon in insert ribbon tab.
2. Navigate to the folder which holds the picture.
3. Double left mouse click on that picture, you want to insert. This third step is a little short cut step for inserting a image. (Without clicking insert button)

The image you selected will added to the slide and fits perfectly in the placeholder.

Adding online pictures

1. Click the Online Pictures Icon to add online pictures
2. Search your picture that you want to insert.
3. left mouse Click on that images you want to add
4. Click on insert button and that image will adding to your slide.

Note. Be careful about copyright images, you can use copyright images only offline do not use any image on net.

online pictures in PowerPoint option
How to Inserting a video

1. Click on the Video Icon in insert ribbon tab, you will find two options there one online and second option from your computer.
2. Browse to the location where the video is held
3. choose the video you want to Insert
4. And then Click on Insert Button

The inserted video play with playback tools.

inserting a video in PowerPoint