Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Tutorial Learn about layers

Moving A Layer, Convert Image Into layer Plus Resize An Image

An image is called a layer. If you are a beginner of Photoshop you should know about layers and how it can be made to associate with each other. It can be mixed together with a lot of effects. if you will learn about layers and practicing, you can make your project with great ease.

What are Layers ?

layers are a branch of images, objects or text. The layers are incredibly powerful because they permit you to change and move individual components of the image without affecting other elements in the project . You can also change the opacity of a layer to make content partially transparent. See below an example of layers

adobe photoshop cc an example layers
Moving A Layer

Moving a layer is not a difficult task, you can move anywhere in your project and for that. First left mouse button click on that layer you want to move “inside of layers-panel” and bring back the cursor on that layer and left mouse button on over that and keep pressing until you achieve your point in your project.

adobe Photoshop cc moved layer
Converting an image into a layer

1. Open any other image for background.
2. Open that image you what to convert.
You will see two tabs at top of your image screen, in which one of background tab and second one will be your layer tab.
3. click on background image and then Pull down second tab on background image by move tool.
4. And final step move second top one image towards the background image.

That will convert your second image into layer and you can also remove your background image and keep working only with image-layer.

adobe photoshop cc convert image into layer
Resize a pic before convert into layer.

If you required change size of you pic then it is must change before converting because that’s  difficult  to change size of you pic after convert.

1. Click On Image Tab at the top of Photoshop screen.
2. Move your pointer on image size and click on over that or ALT+CTRL+I
3. A dialog-box will appear in that box, you will see a kind of link left side of height and width, click on that link for do not constrain aspect ratio and you can change of your pic quite easily and one more thing, if you changing in pixel, that will be good option.

adobe Photoshop cc constrain aspect ratio
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