Photoshop Creative Cloud 2015 Tutorial Learn Tools Function

Marquee Tools, Lasso Tools, Magic Wand, Clone Stamp And History Brush

The toolbar is by default on the left hand side of the Photoshop screen. It includes mouse-based tools that are used for editing and navigation in Photoshop. Most of the icons of the tools have a small arrowhead pointing down black on the bottom right corner. This shows these are apparatuses that can be gotten to by clicking and holding the mouse button.

The tools in the toolbar are grouped freely according to their functionality. You may notice that there are small lines or spacers that separate groups of tools.

Photoshop Creative Cloud 2015 toolbar screen

The top and very first group of tools are using for producing selections and 2nd, The 2nd group are the pixel modifying tools, the 3rd group are the vector editing tools and the last group are the navigation tools.

Move Tool

Move tool is used to move any selected layer or any pixel from one place to another.

Marquee tools

Marquee tools  Photoshop CC 2015 Marquee tools screen

The Marquee tools let you draw basic shapes with selections. Rectangular Marquee Makes a rectangular selection with shift key. Suppose you want to fill with color or pattern any square part of your image, then go with the rectangular marquee tool, once you draw the tool on that part you need select fill option by right mouse click and you will see those options.

adobe photoshop cc 2015 filled with pattern

Fill any circle part of an image by Elliptical Marquee tools.

Do the same steps as we mention in Square Marquee tools, you can see in the image below, for deselecting other selection, click on select in menu bar and then click on deselect.

adobe photoshop cc 2015 fill circle
Lasso Tools
lasso tool

lasso tool is primarily used to create slat shape selection. You can move, delete or stlise the area selected with other commands.

Regular Lasso Tool

Click on lasso tool and keep it on hold, a box will be displayed, select First one lasso from that panel and then move your pointer on over the part, start from anywhere till you reach the end point.

An example of lasso tool

An example is here.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Magnetic lasso tool is used to select image element to select image corners properly.

adobe photoshop cc 2015 magnetic lasso

1. Select Magnetic lasso from tool panel.
2. To create beginning anchor point, click on the corner on the desired element.
3. Element Will continue striking on the corner of Magnetic lasso element by dragging it along with beginning point of the corner.
4. To select Lasso, Click on the beginning point and joint it.

Magic Wand

Magic wand is the best tool in Photoshop known as magic stick. By this tool, you can select group pixel with color of an image. Watch a video about Regular Lasso, Magnetic Lasso and Magic Wand tool, how to use these tools.

History Brush

If you make a mistake in Photoshop and want remove that mistake you can do that by using history brush, if only one step back is your requirement then use undo option in edit tab.

1. Take History Brush.
2. Set your brush type and size at option bar.
3. Move your brush on over that point.
4. Hold left mouse button and drag for removing.

Fill The selection with paint bucket

Fill command is used to fill color in the selection, which you choose with paint bucket.

1. Select the spot with any selection tool.
2. Pick foreground color.
3. Click on paint bucket.
4. Click on over the selected spot with paint.


Blur is used to soften the selected parts or entire image, to mollify the hard edges or lessens subtle element in a picture. The more you paint over a territory with the apparatus gets to be obscured.

1. Select the Blur tool .
2. Pick a brush tip and set alternatives for the mixing mode and quality.
3. Drag over the part of the image you want to blur.