Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Tutorial With Videos

An Introduction Of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is graphics editor software developed by adobe system, in which you can
Create digital images. You can make of feature for editing different types of images such as filter, which is capable of making changes.
In Photoshop, Paint Brush, pencil Tool and other tools available to colour or apply patterns in the pixel of selected image. Brush tool colours the image and give it a shade and Dodge, Burn and other tool make the image bright, dark and attractive. You also can do drop shading with other styles.

Panels and Tools

Photoshop is modular is the design and it is customize-able . In the default configuration, the panels are on the right side of the screen and tools are on the left side. There is also a standard menu bar at the top of the screen.


In this new version of adobe Photoshop you will find work spaces option at the top of right side below close, minimize buttons, you can create your own personal work area called a workspace, you can drop items, such as panels the default workspace is (Essential) and can be retrieved at any time by clicking the button.

Photoshop cc 2015 screen
The Option Bar

The options bar is context-sensitive panel. Which means that changes depending on the selected tool in the toolbar. It provides access to the most important configuration parameters for a specific tool.

Learn Some Keyboard Shortcuts

we prescribe that you try to learn these keyboard shortcuts, it will quicken the work process and efficiency. But also, ultimately, to use Photoshop a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.


CTRL+ALT+0(zero) For magnifying 100%
CTRL+O To open a File or a project
SHIFT+CRTL+S To as save a file or as a project
CTRL+ 0 For Fit screen
TAB For hiding Panels and Tool Bar
Up And Down Arrows For Scroll Up or Scroll Down. Note: unlock that layer before.
CTRL+P For Printing your Project, CTRL+P is more valuable shortcut because it is using in almost all software’s
CTRL+W To close a File
CTRL+A To select all
CTRL+D To deselect
CTRL+Z FOR Undo And Redo
CTRL+C For Copy
SHIFT+CTRL+N To open new blank layer
CTRL+G To open group layer
CTRL+/ To lock or unlock a layer
CTRL+] To bring a layer forward
CTRL+[ To sent a layer backward