Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial Saving And Printing A project

The Swatches Panel

The Swatches panel includes a number of useful predetermined colours. In the event that your Swatches board is not obvious in your present workspace you can get to it by Mark(Tick) Swatches option in the Window menu tab.

adobe photoshop cc  swatches option

Extra swatches are accessible from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the panel.

adobe Photoshop cc color swatches panel

You can also make your own particular swatches by:

• Click on the turned page symbol at the bottom part of the Swatches panel to add the current foreground color to the list.
• Click on the Add to Swatches button in the Color Picker dialogue box.
• Click on an empty area in the Swatches panel to add the current foreground color to the list.

Saving Photoshop Project

PSD (Photoshop Data File) This is Photoshop’s local file format and if you only use Photoshop as you picture editor, it’s the one that will give you the most adaptability. It is going to retain all layers, changes and effects that you have applied to your image.

Files created in Photoshop an be saved in other format, which could be used in another layout application. Besides this TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) and ESP (Encapsulated Post Script) are good printing formats, which are supported by many applications of Macintosh platform. 

BMP is a popular windows image format. JPEG (joint Photography Expert Groups) format is used to create web page. Web files are saved and published in this format. GIF Web Files can be saved in GIF Format. 

GIF format is better to save multi-color illustration. PNG Similar to the GIF format this file format is commonly used for web graphics.

The PNG format is a lot more flexible in its support for 24bit photographic images and additional color modes than the GIF format. However, it is not as widely supported in web browsers

Printing your project

When you need to make a printing go to the File menu and select the Print option or CTRL+P.
Few things you should check before you going to printing.

• If you want a super fine print out, then you must have top quality photo print paper.
• If you have metrics printer you need to check out cartridge print head, if you might find a few colors already out from cartridge, then you need to clean cartridge print head by cotton “dipped in petrol”.
• Check your Printer driver is that installed correctly.
• Make sure your printer paper catcher-roller is working fine.

Once the Print option is selected, the Print Dialogue box will appear.

print dialog box in adobe Photoshop cc