Altering, Saving, Deleting Company Profile In Tally 9

4. Address : Enter company’s postal address. if the address is big, so need for more lines arises, which
you can get by pressing Enter on the line.
5. Statutory Compliance : Select country’s name from those available in the given table.
6. state: Select the state from list.
Pin Code : Type the pin code given address.
8. Telephone Number : Type Telephone number.
9. Email Address : Type Company’s E-mail Address.
10. Currency Symbol : Company decides symbol for currency in which money will be received.
12. Financial year : Type the beginning date of financial year.

Saving the Company Profile

To save company profile information, click on “YES”. If you want to change some data then
click on “NO” or press CTRL + A and save the file.

Altering the company profile

Click F3 on gateway. Select company info menu alter. Select name of company from alteration screen. modify the company information.

deleting comapny in tally 9

If voucher has been entered, then do not alter financials year.

Deleting the company

To delete the values on company alteration screen, press ALT+D and click on “Y”. Account ledgers are created after creating the company. Tally opens two ledgers on its own. Cash, Profit and Loss account will be done by you.

Creating of Account Ledger’s

ledger creation in tallly 9

Select Account info on tally gate to get
Account Info and to get Ledger-Menu,
Select Ledger on Account info menu.
For getting Creation screen, select create ledger on ledger-menu.
Ledger name : Enter particular name of ledger in name field.
Parent Group: Select parent Group from group list.
Account ledgers opening balance : Click on ledger balance from date of the book on opening balance field. you can alter the tally Dr/Cr as per your requirement, because it is the closing balance of ledger account of last financial year. Current debits and credits of the opening balance of Ledgers Account are seen on the right side. If value totals do not match, then it shows that the balance of all ledgers account have been entered or the total are wrong.