Books Of Accounts And Profit And Loss Account Of Tally 9

Number of Copies

Select C : Copies Button for printing more than one copies of the report and enter file name for saving. Generally it is for 1 copy.

Printer Selection

Press S : Select printer button to select other printer and  sel3ect printer from printers list.

Report Title

Click on title button report title and set the following points:
1. Title : tally display one standard report for current report, which you can change as desired.
2. Sub-title : For printing enter on sub-title line exactly below the Title.
3. Additional Information: Type ‘yes or No’ for requisite printing on report Title.

Preview of Report on Screen

Print Preview command is used to see print preview of ‘ready to print’ report.
Click on Zoom button to see small or big forms of the report on the display preview.

Books of Accounts

There  are many types of account books in Tally:
Day Book
Cash book : Cash book specifies the details of the opening and closing balance
of the account. Details of all types of receipt and payment are mentioned in it.
Extension-Select Display > Account Books>Cash / Bank Book.
Journal : Journal book is used to record all types of receipt and payment transactions
not mentioned in the cash book. It is, therefore, called a primary ledger.

Profit And Loss Account

Profit and loss Account display the operational for a specified period. this shows net figure and net profit or net loss of business accounts.
Select Profit and Loss account on gateway to view Profit and Loss Account and press F1: Detailed button for full information. For Profit and Loss configuration, press F12 configuration
Select display option in gateway menu to see other type of report besides Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss and after clicking on D, select and view the requisite report.