Button With Descriptions Of Home Ribbon TAB OF Word 2013




type and size ms word button

Set type and size of your text here .

bold ms word button

Click On Bold Button to Bold your selected text or Press Ctrl + B On your keybord

Italicize  ms word button

Italicize your text with this button or Press Ctrl + I

drop down

Underline. Click on the drop-down arrow to select the type of underline like dashed, doted, wave. Or Ctrl + U

strike ms word button

Strike through the text.

subscript ms word button

Subscript e.g. H2O

superscript ms word button

Superscript e.g. Note1

increase option ms word

Increase all the selected text by 1 point.

decrease option

Decrease all the selected text by 1 point.

change case

Change case of selected text.
• Sentence case
• lowercase
• Capitalise Each Word

clean format

Clear all formatting. It is a good helpful option when the formatting not work properly in the document.

change case

Add effects to your

text effect
Click the drop-down arrow for selecting different effects, like outline, shadow, reflection and more.

change case

highlight your Selected

By This Button

change color

Change the color of your text.


In paragraph Group You will find, Bullets and numbers, Justification, line and paragraph spacing, shading, increase and decrease indent options, these options are also very helpful when you creating a word document.

Bullets and numbers

You can set numbers and bullets from starting point of your paragraph just select your paragraph and click on Numbering button.

Aligning and Justify Buttons

Align your content from left to right by making use of align buttons. justified the writing gives your document crisp edges of course your text will get more polished. See the description of Aligning and Justify Buttons.



Justification button

Align left side your selected content with this button.

Justification button

Your content will move in center on your page by this button.

Justification button

Align Right side the selected line.

Justification button

Justify. Line text on the left hand and the right hand of the page.

Line and paragraph spacing

Set here how much space appears between lines of text or between sentence.

Just click on drop-down arrow and select option by clicking on that.


With this option You can set background color of your selected text paragraph or table Cells. Follow steps here:

1. Select the text you want to give background color.
2. Click on Shade Icon.
3. Pick your background color by clicking on that color.

Increase and decrease indent

With this option you can move your paragraph by little margin. Increase will move from left to right and decrease from right to left side.


Give a new look to your selected line or sentence by applying a style, you can create your own style. Follow the steps here:

1. Click on drop-down arrow in style group.
2. Click on Create A Style icon.
3. Click on Modify Button.

Soon After these steps, a dialog box will appear in that box, you can change elements of your selected writing.