Microsoft DOS Changing Directory With Back To Root

You are working in one directory and want to shift to another directory, then use CD (Change Directory) command for this purpose:

Command        :                 CD
Type                 :                 Internal Command
Syntax             :                 CD <Directory Name> <Enter>

changing directory in ms dos

Direct back to Root Directory

If you are working in any directory or the sub-directory and want to return direct to root directory, then CD\ command will be given. For example, if you are at present in C:\users\pagebag> and now want to switch over to C:\, then following command will be given:
You can see this command in image below

cd slash in ms dos

Deleting Directory

A directory has first to be emptied before deleting in DOS. Directory doesn’t delete if it contains some program or data files. If you have emptied the directory which you want to delete, then press Enter along with RD command. That directory will be deleted.

Command                       :                        RD
Type                              :                        Internal Command
Syntax                           :                        RD <Directory Name> <Enter>

rd command in ms dos

You can see in point 1 the directory does not delete because it has files inside and in point 2 the directory is empty and the DOS deleted the empty directory.