Changing Name And Making Copy of A File With Microsoft DOS

Making Copy of a File

Command       :                 Copy
Type                 :                 Internal Command
Syntax             :                 Copy <Source File Name> <Target Drives> <Enter>

Copy command is used to make copy of the file. This command is also used to join may files together or to copy some file to other disk drive or directory.
Different switches are used along with copy command:




This switch is used to overwrite one file the other.


With this switch, copy command exhibits confirm message on the screen before overwriting a file over the other.


With this command, copy command copies the file only on verified sectors of the copy command disk. This is most significant switch of copy command and this should always be used when copying the files.

Copy the File of other drive in presently Active Drive

File of some drive can also be copied into presently active drive . For this, path is to be given along with copy command from where file is to be copied. For example if you are in C drive and example.p65 from e drive is to be copied and brought to the present drive the following will be the command:
copy e:\example.p65 <enter>

In this way, file will come in present drive C you can use wild card along with copy command. For example if you want to copy all the files of E drive into C drive, then command will be:
copy e:\*.* <enter>

Changing Name of a File

Sometimes need arises to change names of some files. There can be many reasons for this. For example you want to place AUTOEXEC.BAT file in root directory of C Drive,, but desire that the file should not be changed. REN command is used in such a situation:

Command       :                 REN
Type                 :                 Internal Command
Syntax             :                 Ren <Source File Name> <New File Name> <Eneter>

To c name of any file, first the REN command at the command prompt. Then leave a blank space and type file name and the leave one more blank space and type new name of file. Now press enter and file name gets changed.
Suppose you want to change name of File EXAMPLE1.BMP TO EXAMPLE2.BMP, then following command will be given:
ren example1.bmp example2.bmp <enter>