Contra Payment Receipt Vouchers And Rules For Ledger Account Of Tally 9

Contra Voucher

Contra Voucher is used to transfer the money from one Bank Account to another Bank Account. Such as cash deposit, cash Withdrawal etc.

contra voucher in tally erp 9
Payment Voucher

Payment Voucher is used to keep record of payment mad in cash and by cheque.
1. Header Account : This account is credited. That is cash/bank account, through which payment is done.

payment voucher in tally erp 9

2. Line Account : This account is debited. There are many such Ledger Accounts (Non-Cash/Bank account) in which there is payment for investment. This is credited along with Account  negative figure.

Receipt voucher

Receipt Voucher is used to keep record of the money received in cash or by cheque.
1. Header Account : Cash/Bank Account, in which money is being deposited. This is account debited.
2. Line Account : Other Ledger   Account (Non Cash/Bank Account) for which
payment has been made. They are credited account. These accounts debited with negative figure/figures.

receipt voucher in tally erp 9
Rules for Ledger Account in journal Voucher Entry

Type D for debit, C for Credit, or T for  To and B for by. First Ledger Account should always be debited.
Select Ledger Account besides Cash/Bank Account.
Enter the amount in Debit or Credit column according to cash. Do not enter any negative amount here.
Note : Total of all debit amount should be equal to the total of all credit amounts.
After posting the ledger amount, cursor moves narration Field, where you will have to enter voucher narration.