Contra Payment And Report Vouchers Of Tally ERP 9

Various Types of Vouchers

However, debit and credit are not indicated in single mode voucher, but Tally understand on its own debit and credit action are per the type of voucher, ledger account positing and sign amount.  
First Ledger Account shows header Account without amount. Line Area Account is with the remaining Ledger Account, Voucher narration is given in the end. 

Contra Voucher

Because first ledger account is header account, therefore this is debit account, which is shown in the debit column latter amount are shown in credit column, because these are entered inline area.
Examples of contra Voucher entry:
1. Cash deposit from Bank.
2 Cash deposit in Bank.
3. Fund transfer from one bank account to another bank account
4. cash deposit in many bank accounts.

Contra voucher to deposit Cash in two bank accounts

many cash and bank accounts are entered in the single mode contra voucher of the bank, from where cash is withdrawn, but only one cash/bank account is entered where cash is deposited.

Therefore contra Vouchers are also created in the single mode to withdraw cash from different bank accounts. But one contra voucher is needed to withdraw cash from each  bank account.

Payment Vouchers

Example of Contra Voucher’s Entry:
1. Machinery repairing expenses
2. Advance Salary
3. Advance refund and payment of salary after other statutory deductions
4. Invest in mutual funds

Report Printing

After entering the vouchers, you can printout of report. You can get updated status time after entering the Voucher.

Printing Dialog

Printing dialog can be split into three parts.
1. There are general printing options in the upper of printing dialog screen.
2. report title and other information is available in its mid part.
3. You can see current option in the third part.

Button on Printing Dialog

set serially report printing options and report. Take the help of buttons display
on the right side of the report printing dialog to set the printing options.


Start page numbering at the specified place.

Page range

Page range is entered to take printout of the specified pages. Select All to print the entire report, which is set by default in Tally.

Print Format.

Click on print format button F to set the following:

1. neat mode : Select Note mode for this.
2. Dot Matrix Printer : Select Dot Matrix Format for printing with this printer driver by all methods.
Select quick/draft to save report date in media or for fast printing and enter name of file for saving.

printing option in tally 9