Exiting Backup And Restore In Tally ERP 9

Balance Sheet : Balance is a special financial statement which shows all assets and liabilities. Select Balance Sheet from Balance Sheet Screen and Press F1 Detailed button to get the format. For printing press ALT + P Keys.
Configuration of Balance Sheet : Press F12 on Balance Sheet to open Configuration
screen of  Balance Sheet and set the option as per the need.

Exiting Tally

After finishing the work in Tally to exit from Tally, click quit option in gateway menu or press the Q button. If you are on another screen of Tally, Then you can move to gateway menu by pressing Q button and for proper exit from tally.


Account data is very important. To keep it protect you will have to take its backup. If your working page has been corrupted, then you can continue with your work after restoring the backup data.
Click on F3 : Cmp info button on gateway and reach Company   Info screen.
Select backup for backup screen, then select company. if you want change source directory, then press Shift + Tab. For storing backup data, enter field name at the destination field eg.-f:/ and back up process will start by clicking on ‘yes’.


The need to restore data arises when the current working data gets corrupted.
Method: Click on F3 : Cmp info button on gateway and get Company Info screen and select restore for restoring screen.
Enter current data path at destination field and source field from where backup data is be copied and start backup process by clicking on ‘Yes’.


Rewrite option is used when data gets corrupted or is difficulty in opening Company Name. You can repair your data with this option. It becomes necessary to write data on opening the  company created through old version of Tally. For re-writing, press Alt-Cltrl+R on gateway and by pressing yes select that company the data of which you want to re-write.