About Head Ledger Account Voucher Narration With Our Tally Tutorial

Line Accounts: You can enter one or more account transaction in the portion below the Accounts Page. For deduction, type the account in negative figure (first type minus sign and then type amount), first ledger accounts should be positive.
Net value of all accounts : Net value of all accounts is posted in header account.

Step for Single Mode Voucher entry

In single mode, take following step:
1. Voucher number : These are shown by Tally.
2. Voucher Date : Current date moves forward, which can be altered using known method.

Line Area

1. Ledger Account : Select the Ledger Account.
2. Ledger Amount : Select the Ledger Amount.


1. check Number: Enter check number in Bank transaction.
2. Voucher Narration: Enter Voucher Narration.

Steps to make Entry In Voucher

1. Voucher Number : Tally on its own allotted serial number on the voucher according to the voucher date.
2. Voucher date : Generally current date is display on the voucher. To change the the date, move the cursor to date field by pressing Shift + Tab. After that, enter the date or press the date button and enter the voucher date. This date will continue displaying in the next Vouchers. This will Continue, until you change the date again. After date entry, voucher will also display the respective day.

Head Ledger Account

First of all, ledger moves to head Ledger Account. Select The request cash/bank Account On Header.
1. Line Ledger Details : After selecting Head Ledger Account, cursor mover to line area,
where you can enter as many ledger accounts as you desire.
2.  Line Ledger Account : Like Account, you can select Line Ledger Account From Ledger List.
3. Line Ledger Amount : Enter amount in selected line Ledger Account and that amount should be positive. To make deduction in payment/receipt voucher, you can enter the amount in second or next ledgers.
Note: Net amount of all Line ledger Amounts should be positive, which is saved in above entered
Head Ledger Account.

Voucher Narration

Press Enter after doing enter of all Line Ledger Account, your cursor moves to Narration
Field. If you have selected the Bank Account, then be ready to enter the cheque number.