Import Word document outlines into presentation And Build a blank

The opposite folder here is usually Document Themes, and this is where any themes that you just create will possibly be stored. To develop a presentation based over a template.

Simply find the template you intend to use and select it. In the image below you can view that, we have got select Tutorial By means of Pagebag template, which includes been pinned to the templates list.

pinned presentation
Import Word Document In PowerPoint 2013 And Build Blank Presentation

When making a presentation, you need planning before. same as writing a prolonged report, essay or a book, an outline will help cut down your working time. By having an outline in place, it is possible to focus on content.
Outlines can be created in PowerPoint, however if you would like avoid the interruptions of PowerPoint and focus on the structure you could find it easier to make your outline inside Word or yet another kind of file.

When making your outline throughout Word, remember to utilize Heading Styles as PowerPoint will find them and make use of them when creating the particular slides.

To import an outline from Word

1. Click on the drop down arrow on New Slide
2. Select Slides from Outline

slides from outline in PP

Your outline is then brought in and each heading turns into a slide.

styles of PowerPoint

The outlines of which PowerPoint imports can be text documents, Word files, or RTF files.

Build a blank presentation.

Add slides In Your Presentation

When you have selected a blank presentation it is advisable to put slides plus content.
1. On Home Ribbon-Tab Click on New Slide or Press Control + M on your keyboard
2. The standard slide will be added automatically.

In the navigation pane, right-clicking and selecting a new slide using the right mouse button to add a slide.

add slide