Learn Things Of Insert Ribbon Tab Of Microsoft Word 2013

insert option in ms word
About Pages Group

Cover page

pages option

Word 2013 allows you to insert a formatted front page into your document and in Word 2013 you will find a number of cover pages available, you can use lots more are available cover pages online from office.com.

Blank Page

With this option you can insert blank page.

Page Break

Use this button to move text onto a different page or insert a page break. Can also be done using the Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard.

table in ms word

By this option you can organize your information in an effective way. To Insert table into your page.

1. Click On Table Icon.
2. Select quantity of columns and rows by dragging mouse cursor over.
3. Click on selected columns and rows and the table will inserting into your page.

Illustrations Group
illustration in ms word

Once you insert pictures or other objects in Word 2013, the pictures or objects are placed in the document aligned with the text.


You’ll be able to insert picture from a hard-disk and from a camera. When you insert a picture an additional tab will display Picture Tools > File format. By that ribbon tab, you will do lots of things of your inserted picture like artistic effect, changing color, giving a style and many more things you can give of your picture.

artistic effect, a style in ms word

Inserting an image into the document

Online Pictures

Clicking Online Pictures displays a search box to allow you to search for an image on office.com clip art, Bing, Facebook or Flickr.


Several different shapes can be inserted into the document. These work in the standard way. When a shape is inserted, the Drawing Tools > Format Tab is displayed.

chart in ms word

Inside Word 2013, you possibly can insert an Excel chart or graph into the document.

For that simply click on chart then Select the chart required and click on Ok button, your chart will enter into the doucment

A spreadsheet will be display, allowing data to be added to the chart.

media option

By Clicking this option, you can insert videos into your document.
You can insert videos from YouTube and Bing or paste Embed code from a video. After clicking on the Online video icon, A box will appear in front of the document, as shown in the image below, in that box you will be able to search variety of videos.

insert video from url

Make A link in your document for a website page and for a file



link button

Use to insert a hyperlink into a document. Select the text you would like to use for the hyperlink. Click Insert then Hyperlink and paste the hyperlink. You can also add hyperlinks to other files on your PC.

link button

Put in a bookmark. A bookmark is really a way of naming an array of text for use later on.

link button

Place a reference to another perhaps the document (an internal hyperlink). You’ll be able to create a cross reference of headings, foot-notes, book-marks, captions and numbered