Insert transitions between slides and Modify transition effect In PowerPoint

In PowerPoint 2013 you will see too many amazing transitions provide by Microsoft. The latest transition the way in which one slide changes to a higher. If you’ve ever before seen a PowerPoint display that had special effects between just about every slide, you’ve witnessed slide transitions. There are many to choose from and they are often customized by setting the time they last and which direction that they use.

Insert transitions between slides
many amazing transitions of powerpoint

I suggest you that use slide sorter view to use transitions, by doing this it makes lot easier to use transitions, you can select as many slides to apply transitions. You can additionally see transition timings there too.

To add transitions

1. Turn the Presentation into the Slide Sorter View
2. Click on Transitions Ribbon tab
3. Select a transition style by clicking on over that.
4. You will see quick preview of that transition effect on the slide you have selected.
5. To apply that transition to all slides, click Apply to All

Modify transition effect
effect option of powerpoint

Depending on the type of transition you’ve Selected,
you can control the directional of the transition.

Click On the Effect Options drop-down arrow and make selection.

Set direction by clicking on any direction.

Add sound to a transition

In Powerpoint 2013, you can add sound to any transitions, there is lost of sound like click sound, drum, coin and many more. Follow our steps here

1. Click the drop down arrow, you can see in the image below.
2. select the sound to you want to add into the slide.
3. Click on That slide to listen that selected sound. If you not like that you can change that.

sounds in PowerPoint

Merge content from multiple presentations and track changes

PowerPoint 2013 don’t have specific Track Improvements functionality like word 2013. but it’s possible have others make changes to your copy of this presentation and you’ll be able to accept or deny the changes.

Save a local copy of the presentation

Generate your presentation and save a copy in your hard drive. Then send the presentation to the expert’s you want to review it. Ask them to make changes and save the presentation having a different name.

Compare multiple presentations

1. Open the original copy of your presentation
2. Click the Review Ribbon tab then click on compare icon.
3. Select the copy you want compare to and the presentation gets change and shows a review pane.

compare powerpoint

4. Mark the change you want to allow/deny, you can use Next + Previous icons to move between revisions.
5. Click on End Review Icon when done and also PowerPoint will talk with you if you really have finished.

compare end in PowerPoint

6. Click on yes button, your changes are going to be confirmed and the presentation gets updated.