Inserting Editing Shapes And About Ribbon Tab Of Microsoft Word

Inserting Shapes
insert shape

Choose a shape to insert from home ribbon tab into your doc. choose the type of shape and then drag out the area for the shape on the doc.

After dragging a shape an additional tab will appears (Format)you can do anything by this tab, if you want more shapes then, click the drop down arrow for more shapes.

Edit Shape

To Change a shape, click on edit-shape-icon drop down arrow and then edit points, soon after that, you will see black square little boxes at border of the shape.

shape style in ms word

Select a predefined style, each style have unique mix of colours, lines, and more effects to change your shape’s appearance.



ms word shape style button

Pick the color to fill up the shape’s.

ms word border color

Pick the color for the shape’s border.

ms word effect button

Give brilliant effects to your shape’s like present, rotation, shadow, reflection.

Some Things From Design Ribbon Tab

layouts in ms word


Select a different layout for the diagram.

SmartArt Styles
smart art styles in ms word

Transform the colors of the diagram and Transform the effect of the diagram apply 3D, glow or a different outline.

reset graphic of ms word


Get rid of all the formatting that has been added to the SmartArt diagram.

Protect Document

Documents is usually protected by noticing as final, restricting the changes that is usually made or encrypt the doc.

Inspect Document

When you plan to share a document with others, it is a nice option to review the document before. There is a lot of options:

• Inspect Document: look for undetectable properties or personal information. like,
comments, author, hidden text, watermarks
• Check Accessibility : try to find content that people with disabilities will discover difficult to
read. similar to, images without alternative word, tables with no header row
• Check Compatibility: look for features not supported through previous versions of Word. like,
SmartArt, videos