Inserting And Formatting Images And Audio Video In PowerPoint

Adding pictures will make your presentations a lot more interesting and participating. You can insert a picture from a file on your PC into the slide.

Insert a picture from your PC

To add a picture stored on your computer:

1. Click On the Add Pictures Icon
2. Navigate to the folder with the picture you want to add
3. Click on the picture
4. Click Insert Button

Resizing of An Image

Drag the picture selection handles towards size you need or set the actual size exactly for the Picture, Picture Tools > format tab.

resize an image in pp

You can change size of an image by typing and using of arrows.

Crop An image To A Shape
crop option in powerpoint

1. Click on the picture to crop.
2. Click the drop-down under the Crop icon.
3. Point to Crop to Shape.
4. Click on the shape.

Apply Effects To An Image

Choose that image you want to give effects, then click on the Effects Icon to apply one of the listed effects.

effects of an image in powerpoint

• Preset: This is the almost same type of bevel effects, but both are different varieties of items.
 Shadow: Add or remove shadow effects.
• Reflection: Add or remove reflections, reflection is the one of most attractive element in all formats, whether that’s PowerPoint or anything else, you can see in our pages we have also used the reflection in several spots.
• Glow : apply or remove glow edges
• Soft Edges : apply or remove soft edges.
• Bevel : apply or remove a bevel effect.
• 3-D Rotation : apply or remove 3-D rotation.

Apply styles to the selected Image

1. Choose that Picture you want to give a styles.
2. Move your cursor on styles, preview will appear immediately, if you not satisfy from those then click on drop-down arrow, more styles will appear.
3. Click on the style to apply.

apply styles in powerpoint

To Apply Artistic effects an Image
Follow steps here:
Artistic effects of PowerPoint

1. Choose an image to give Artistic effects.
2. Click on the Artistic Effects Icon.
3. Move your cursor on effects options, choose anyone of your choice.
4. Click on the effect to apply.

Inserting and formatting Audio Video

media icons of  PowerPoint

Media will be the collective time period for audio and video which can be added in your presentation. Play a soundtrack to some particular slide or indicate a video which can be found on your PC.powerpoint 2013 inserting media
You insert sound or video from the Media group on the Insert Ribbon tab. Video can also be inserted from the Video link into the placeholder.

To Insert a video file Follow Steps Here:
insert video in powerpoint

1. Click on Video Icon in Insert Ribbon Tab Media Group.
2. Browse the folder where the video is saved.
3. Choose a Video file from that folder.
4. Click on Insert Button.

Trim a video file

Click on Trim Video icon in the Playback Ribbon tab

trim a video file in powerpoint

1. Drag the Green slider to right side to set your starting point.
2. Drag the Red slider to left side to the for end point.


Type your timing in time box

Add video from YouTube

Adding video from youtube is a very easy procedure.

1. Navigate to the video on YouTube that you want to add
2. Click on Share and then Embed
3. Copy that code from Embed box by right mouse clicking on over that.
4. Paste the copied from YouTube into your presentation.

Keep it in your mind: a video that comes from YouTube cannot be trimmed.

Add audio to the presentation
audio of powwerpoint

1. Click on Audio Icon in Insert Ribbon tab.
2. Move your cursor on Audio on my pc and click on over that.
3. Select your audio file.
4. Track will added to the slide with a playback bar.

To control how the audio file plays click on the Playback ribbon tab

audio option in PowerPoint