Inserting Plus formatting SmartArt Of Microsoft PowerPoint

smart art of pp

SmartArt is the extremely class thing produce by Microsoft throughout PowerPoint, it will make your presentation much more amazing. A SmartArt graphic comes with a visual representation of information to help you more and more.

For Inserting SmartArt Do Following Steps

1. Click on SmartArt icon in Insert Ribbon Tab Illustrations group.
2. Select the type of SmartArt you want to insert into your presentation.
3. Click On OK Button.

After adding SmartArt, you’ll be able to enter text into your Smart-Art.

an example of smart art of powerpoint
Changing color of SmartArt

1. Click the Change Colours Icon in Smartart Tools-Design Ribbon Tab
2. Move your cursor on Color sets
3. Choose color set that you want to apply by clicking on that.

different colors of smart art in PowerPoint
Change the colour of a shape of Smart-Art

1. Click on that Part to change
2. Click on the SmartArt Tools Format Ribbon Tab
3. Click on drop down arrow in shape style and select your required color.

Convert your list into the SmartArt
Convert shapes to SmartArt

1. Right mouse click near your list.
2. Move your cursor on Convert to SmartArt option.
3. Select your SmartArt in which you want to convert your list.

Shift text with SmartArt shape.
text pane pp

Shift text with the SmartArt shape using move up PowerPoint 2013 text pane move down icons on the Design Ribbon Tab.

1. Click on the text to shift
2. Click on the Move Down or Move Up icons