Learn About Design Tab Of Microsoft Word 2013

design tab of ms word

Permits you to select which theme you wish to apply to the actual document. Also enables you to save the current number of colours, fonts and effects to a new theme.

What is a theme?

A theme is a collection of fonts, colors and graphic effects you can apply to your document with one click. Once the theme has been defined, it can be used in all Microsoft Office applications, guaranteeing the same approach to the feel and look of Word, Excel, along with PowerPoint documents.
Once you have selected a theme to the sources, along with the colors, you should make sure you choose fonts and colors, as part of your document, spreadsheet or presentation that could be part of that topic. This means that if you change the subject, alter fonts and colors to those for the new theme.


Here you can select a color scheme of these 18 schemes by just one click, if you not satisfy with that scheme, you can make your own personal color scheme with Customize Colors option.

To change a color scheme, click on Customize Colors option at the end of the task pane, as shown in the image with red arrow. That allows you to choose the colors for each part of a document.


This is a good option to change quickly fonts, of your document, you’ll find more than 20 font options when you click on the drop-down arrow.


Easily change the typical look of object inside your document.

Page Background

water mark


Watermark text will get behind of your text, known as ghost text also, this is a nice way to show that document require special treatment without distracting from the content. See an example in the image.

Page Color

Add or Change the color of every page in the document.

Page Borders

Add or change a border to pages in a section of the document or the whole document.