Making Bootable Disk And Formatting of New Disk With DOS

When you want to make use of hard disk or make them readable by computer, and then first do their formatting. FORMAT command is used to do this. By using this command, new track and sectors get created in hard disk, on which computer writes and reads the data.

To format drive, type FORMAT at the command prompt, give a space and type name of the drive to be formatted. It is essential to use colon (:) after disk name.
Suppose you want to do formatting of pen drive placed in I DRIVE DISK, then this command will be used as the following format I: <enter>

After this, the disk starts formatting. The progress of formatting in percents will continuously be appearing on the screen. After the disk formatted, DOS gives massage on the screen for inputting the volume label. Maximum of 11 lettered label can be mentioned against the question? Sign shown on screen and if you do not to write disk label, then press <Enter> after he format is complete, a brief report about the disk appears on the screen.

format new disk

Following Switches are used along with the FORMAT command




This switch is used to quick format.


This switch is used to examine BAD cluster in disk.


This switch is used to format 360 KB disk placed in 1.2 MB disk drive.


Disk formatted through this switch cannot be unformatted.


This is used to make disk bootable.


Disk label is fixed through this switch.

format with switches in ms dos

Making Bootable Disk

MS-DOS.SYS, IS.SYS and COMMAND.COM files are needed to booot DOS system. If you want to convert formatted disk into bootable disk, then form this purpose type SYS at DOS Prompt and type name of that drive whose is to be made bootable.
Command       :                SYS
Type                 :                Internal Command
Syntax             :                SYS [DRIVE:] <ENTER>

If you want to make disk in drive I: a bootable disk, then give the following command:
sys i: <enter>
In this way all those files which are needed by the computer at the time of booting will get copied in I: drive disk.