Mark Your Presentation As final In Microsoft PowerPoint

You need to use Mark as Final to save a presentation as a read only data file. It stops everyone from adding remarks, typing or producing any changes unintentionally or otherwise.

Mark a presentation as final

1. Open up the presentation you want to Mark as Final
2. Click the File Menu Tab
3. Click on Protect Presentation Icon
4. Select First option (Mark as Final) and a dialog box will appear and in that box click on ok button.

When you’ve marked the presentation as final, you will notice both a yellowish information bar along the the top of screen and an icon inside task bar.

marked as final in PowerPoint

presentation marked as final you can still edit it.

To edit a presentation that is marked as final

Click the Edit Anyway button on the yellow information bar- see within the image above, and after clicking your presentation will get automatically in normal mode.

Restrict permissions

In the event that your association has introduced Information Rights Management IRM, you can control who has permission to open the presentation.

1. Click on the File Menu Tab
2. Click on Protect Presentation Icon
3. Click on the Restrict Access third option.
4. Select from the options you will be offered

Restrict Access  in powerpoint