Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial With Images

To Start Word 2013 simply click Ms Word Icon where the word icon is placed, the screen look as shown inside image below, from that screen, you can choose to open a document that you’ve got used recently and open a blank document or use one of several available templates.

ms word open screen
The Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is usually visible left side top of your screen. Those Quick commands will save your time when you are using word or even PowerPoint, you can add more commands in Quick access toolbar. See a few buttons description of QAT.

Button Description
Restore, Move, Size, Minimize,  ms word button

This button allows you to Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize or Close the application

save button of ms word

Save your document with this Button

undo button of ms word

Undo your last action not just Word 2013 in everything whether that is word, PowerPoint or anything else.

Redo button of ms word

Redo with this command

drop down ms word button

This is the drop down arrow of QAT, here you can add more commands.

To remove a command click this drop down arrow and unselect the command by uncheck the box.

The Ribbon
MS Word Ribbon

Ribbon is the Bar of buttons across the top of window screen . Each tab throughout arranged in logical groups, the unique icons. In just a class is not enough space to display the countless options available, small Dialog Box Launcher group is placed in the bottom right corner.

For hiding the ribbon:

Double click on the Tab Name or press Ctrl+F1 will minimise or restore the Ribbon

To restore the ribbon:

Click on the tab name again to display the ribbon or press Ctrl+F1 on your keyboard


Font is the main weapon in Ms word 2013. Inside of MS Word, you have a number options for altering the font of your document including sizes, color and inserting special symbols. You can also adjust the alignment of the text to change how it’s displayed on the actual page. You can change quickly format of whole document to present it a specialist and awesome look through by using A theme.