Learn New Ledger And Vouchers Creation In Tally 9

You can take the help of ledger Alteration to enter and modify the opening balance. The debit and credit total of any account will tally only after opening balance of all ledger accounts are entered.

Name                          Under
Car Expenses               Indirect Expenses
Dr. john                       Unsecured load
BM Hospital Supplier       Sunday creditors

Display  of Account ledger: Select Account Info > ledgers > Display.
Select display from single Ledger on ledger on ledger Menu to get Ledger information, in
which select ledger to display registered details in.
Alteration and deletion of ledger : To modify or delete any ledger account,
select: Account Info > Ledgers > Alter
Select from ledger list to alter or delete any data on Ledger Menu. Alteration screen ledger is also like creation screen.
Alteration of Accounts Ledger:           Press field to modify and change the data.
Deletion of Accounts Ledger:            To confirm deletion press ALT+D  and  click on ‘Y’.
If  you have entered any voucher for transaction of Ledger Account, Then you Can’t Delete.

New ledger Creation

During the current  financial year, ledgers of all revenue account and other account transaction
are created along with opening balance. Opening balance of Ledgers will be zero.

New ledger creation in tally 9

Voucher Creation

Account Voucher : It does the work of keeping record of the information in respect of financial truncation.

Types of Tally Account Voucher

1. Contra : This is money transfer to  withdraw and deposit the money in bank accounts and
transfer of money between bank accounts.
2. Receipt:  Receipt of Money through cash and cheque.
3. payment : Payment of Money through cash and cheque.
4 .General : Non-cash transaction (depreciation and like increase in Interest etc).
Configuration setup for single entry mode without entry : Press F12, to  enter receipt and
contra voucher in single entry mode without giving details of Debit or Credit.
Configuration mentioned at the gateway, through which you get configuration menu.
Select Configuration menu voucher entry. Alongwith accounting voucher, do ‘Y’ on
use single Entry mode for pymt/Rept/Contra.

Accounts Voucher Creation

Every type of voucher entry will be discussed here. Click on Accounting Vouchers on gateway
to get vouchers entry screen.

Rules of ledger Accounts in Single mode Voucher entry

Header Account: For header Account, select either cash or Bank Account.
Attention: Do not enter amount for Herder Account. Because it is linked with the net figure of enter amount in all account.