Photoshop Creative Cloud Tutorial Learn some starting points

Mode option, Adjustment, Croping

Open A File

In all Adobe software, the option to open a file can be found in the File menu, you can also open by using your keybord CTRL+O will be the command.

After doing that, a dialogue box will appear, choose your file from there and click on open button once you hit the button the image will get into the Adobe screen.

image tab

Bitmap mode uses one of two color values black or white to signify the pixels in an image.

Mode option

grayscale : You can switch your pic from colour to black and white by choosing grayscale option

RGB : Photoshop RGB Color mode utilizes the RGB model, appointing a force quality to every pixel. In 8 bits-per-channel pictures, the power values range from 0 dark to 255 white for each of the RGB red, green and blue parts in a shading picture.


contrast and brightness : Increase and decrease contrast and brightness of an image by moving the slider.

adobe photoshop 2015 contrast brightness option

Hue saturation : The Hue Saturation adjustment means that you can manipulate the colours in an image.

Hue: It affects the value of color. When a person moves to the color spectrum shifts.

saturation : stand for the intensity on the colour. Moving the sliders value for the right will create the colors within your image appear tougher.

adobe photoshop 2015 hue, saturation  option
image size

To change the size of an image, move your cursor on image size option, then click on that after doing that a dialog box will appear.
If you want change width or height separately, then click on Constrain aspect ratio, see in the image below.

image size in Photoshop cc

uncheck and recheck the resample option will reset your image to original size.


You can find two main ways in which you can trim an image throughout Photoshop CC 2015. The initial and most widely used method, it is by using the Crop tool.

Photoshop CC 2015 crop tool icon

ones you hit the crop tool, you will see square crop borders on the edges of the picture and after that, drag from corner edges till your needs

crop an image in Photoshop cc