Views Of PowerPoint Presentation In Different Modes

A Presentation Of In Different Views

Throughout PowerPoint 2013 there are lots of ways to view your presentation.
for changing views, click on the icon of your View Ribbon-tab

Presentation views

You can also use the icons on the Taskbar

views 2

Normal View : With this view you see when you first start PowerPoint and possesses thumbnails on the particular left, the main slide at the center and a notes area in the bottom.
Outline View : Here you’re able to see an outline of the slide structure inside the left hand nav pane, instead of the thumbnails.
Slide Sorter : Slide Sorter View sets the many slides out for the screen to be able to see how they look in general apply transition side effects and design changes towards the whole presentation at once.
Notes Page : Here you will observe just the speaker’s notes which has a thumbnail of the slide they fit in with.
Reading View: Reading View allows you to view your presentation like it ended up being displayed.

normal  view in Microsoft PowerPoint
outline view in Microsoft PowerPoint
slide sorter  view in Microsoft PowerPoint
Reading  view in Microsoft PowerPoint

Make a presentation

Making of blank presentation

In PowerPoint 2013 you can begin from a entirely blank presentation, a template given by Microsoft, or a template devised for your organization. Templates make certain that brand guidelines are met and many presentations are specialized.
To create any blank presentation
1. Simply click on File.
2. click on New.
3. Click on Blank Presentation.

blank template in PowerPoint

Make presentations by using of a template.

You will see two options from a template when making the presentations. At the top New Presentation Screen, you will see couple of small shortcuts.
Featured – this can be the list of featured presentations that you can see when people initially click Data file next New. The blank presentation can be used now, along with almost any that Microsoft contain created and consented to you. You also can pin your picked presentations here so they are always readily available.

Personal – this really is where any templates which you have created yourself will likely be stored. Inside the Custom folder you will see shortcuts to Personalized Office Templates, this is wherever all Office Templates that you simply create are stored which folder is designed automatically by no matter what Office program you use to generate a template first.